Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 10.0.9200.16521

Update or replace your existing Internet browser with this iconic version of the most popular one

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Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 10.0.9200.16521
Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 2014

Internet Explorer 10 is a web browser designed for use with Windows systems, and this version works with Windows 7.

IE 10 represents only a slight upgrade from IE 9 in terms of the user interface. The interface window now has the back and forward buttons integrated into it for a seamless aesthetic. The address bar is located in the same space as the window tabs, and while this works well to streamline the interface, it can lead to a cluttered interface with numerous open tabs.

By default, the menu bar is hidden in IE 10, but the menus have been drastically simplified. On the top right is a small gear icon where users can browse options. These options haven't received any significant upgrade, but they are available for those who wish to alter them.

IE 10 is hands-down the fastest version of IE ever released. It supports many of the most common web technologies like spell checking for HTML5, JavaScript, and animations using CSS. Older versions of IE felt slow and bogged down even at their fastest, but this version is much more reactive and quick. It almost feels like using other high-end popular browsers like Chrome or Firefox.

In the past, IE hasn't had very strong security, but this version hopes to subvert that trend. One of the newest and most intriguing additions for IE 10 is the 'Enhanced Protection Mode'. When active, this mode will stop the browser from communicating with the operating system by locking parts of the software. If the browser attempts to gain access to the operating system in a way that it normally doesn't, you'll see a pop-up to ask for permission. This means that if you don't give your browser permission to access your files, no virus or malware will be able to get through.

Another great update for this version is that users no longer have to manually update the browser. When new performance enhancements or security protocols are released, the software automatically updates itself.

To help you avoid pesky targeted advertisements, IE 10 features a Do Not Track function that is automatically turned on by default. This feature is included in other browsers like Chrome, but IE 10 is the only browser that uses the Do Not Track feature by default. Advertisers want to be able to track you, and some have even claimed they will go around any Do Not Track functions where they can.

IE 10 for Windows 7 includes support for Adobe Flash, but that support is only extended to certain sites that are known to be safe.

While this version of IE 10 for Windows 7 is quite an upgrade from IE 9, it lacks the redesigned features of IE 10 for Windows 8 that focus on touch gestures. Some of the UI elements for this version of IE 10 are a bit outdated compared to the polished version for Windows 8.


  • Isolated Browser
  • Add-On Support
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Do Not Track Feature


  • Old UI

Microsoft's internet browser, Internet Explorer, has recently released a new version called Internet Explorer 10. This software allows people who use the Windows 7 operating system to fully experience Internet Explorer 10.


  • Similar Interface, with Some Enhancements: For the most part, the interface for Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 8 is very similar to that of the version for Windows 8. This makes the adjustment easy for those who are used to the current interface who use Windows 8. The only adjustments include the buttons that allow people to move forward a page and back a page, which are integrated into the window. The tabs and the address bar are right in the same area, which allows the program to look much more seamless than it would otherwise. The menu bar will automatically be hidden, and it is much simpler. The gear option will allow the main systems menu to be accessed.
  • Highest Speed for Internet Explorer: Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 is the fastest version of the browser currently available. In order to enhance the speed, there are a number of different supports available for CSS and HTML, including HTML 5 spellchecking services and improved CSS animations. Javascript is also better supported so that it works more efficiently.
  • Enhanced Protection Mode: Enhanced protection mode is when Internet Explorer 10 locks down the operating system so that the browser is not able to gain access. This serves to protect the operating system and all information contained there from hackers and malicious programming. Websites that need to use the operating system will ask for permission through a pop-up, preventing viruses from getting through. Internet Explorer 10 will also automatically update so that they the highest level of security is always available.
  • Do Not Track Feature: For those who do not wish for their activities on the browser to be recorded, there is the Do Not Track feature. This feature prevents the system from recording the websites accessed and the times at which the websites were accessed. This increases anonymity on shared computers.
  • Integrated Flash: Adobe Flash will be integrated into the Internet Explorer 10 web browser so that videos and other applications will play easily.


  • Slower than Chrome and Opera: Although the speed of Internet Explorer 10 has been greatly increased, it is still slower than Google Chrome and Opera, making it slightly less efficient. Speed is extremely important for those who frequently download content off of the Internet, causing them to always choose a browser that runs the most quickly.
  • Older Elements: Some of the different features on Internet Explorer 10, such as the multiple toolbars and other browser options, will clog up the browser and cause it to feel older than it actually is. It will cause the browser to be more difficult to navigate and will turn people off of the browser. Firefox and Google will usually win out in the browser competition.

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